Statically linked e2fsprogs binaries for Android

I needed to resize the ext4 filesystem of the /data partition on my Android phone and spent ages looking for a prebuilt binary of resize2fs (since it isn't included in ROMs or recovery). I didn't find one and so spent ages trying to build it myself. To save others the trouble, here are the binaries.

Just the main ones (mke2fs, resize2fs, tune2fs, fsck): tar.xz 630K or zip 1.5M
Everything tar.xz 1.6M or zip 5.8M

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I know it's been some time,

I know it's been some time, but It'd be equally helpful if you posted how you built them. But of course thanks for the binaries - they were very handy ;)

I should have made some notes

I should have made some notes when I did this. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I can't remember anything, and would have to figure it out again from scratch :-/

Hello! Ohh, friend, you're


Ohh, friend, you're my lifesaver. Thanks a lot for the binaries! Spent hours of myself building with no results!