About Me

I grew up in Westville (near Durban in South Africa) and went to WBHS, where I matriculated in 2003. I started my undergaduate degree at UCT in 2004, and spent two years in Smuts Hall before moving into digs in Kenilworth. I graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2007.

I am currently a software engineer at [Nimbula][], where we are building a cloud operating system. I get to use Linux, Python and lots of open source software while solving challenging and interesting problems.

I am a committed [Christian][], and attend [WMC][]1 in Durban and [CCK][] while in Cape Town. I have a significant interest in music, and can play the [piano][] and [guitar][] (although I haven't played very much recently). I am also an avid Open Source fan, and try to use as much [free][] and [open source][] [software][] as possible. My operating system of choice is Ubuntu, and I use KDE and [Vim][].


  1. Yes, I know that the website is horrendous. I'm trying to do something about it at the moment.