July GeekDinner

I attended my very first GeekDinner last night, for which I managed to get a place at the very last minute (although not everyone made it and I could have gatecrashed anyway ;-) ). It was hosted by Da Capo in Greenmarket Square, which was an awesome venue. (I had the Tomato and Basil Soup for starters, and the Polo Piccata, both of which were delicious.)

Andy spoke about his experiences in Nigeria, which was quite an eye opener. We often complain about Eskom and Telkom here in South Africa, but we actually aren't that bad off. Donna gave a talk about her various activities aimed at encouraging and educating women about IT, and Kerry-Anne spoke about running a daily photo blog.

Mandy then presented a slideshow on personal finance (prepared by Tim) which she had never seen before. The result was hilarious due to the dubious advice in the slideshow, and more humour was provided by the questions afterwards (involving emails from Nigerian princes and the best way to launder money).

All in all it was a fantastic evening which I enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks to Perdeberg for sponsoring the wine (even though I don't drink, it did make things more interesting ;-) ), and thanks to everyone involved with organising the evening. I look forward to the next one.

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