September GeekDinner

I attended my second GeekDinner on Monday evening. It was a fairly small occasion with about 30 people turning up at Asoka in Gardens.

Joe gave a very intriguing talk on lifestyle design. Some of the points included work less and cheat, which I didn't really agree with, but the basic idea of doing the things you love was good. Jonathan then spoke about actually doing something with your ideas, which was quite inspiring. I don't really get "big" ideas, but I'm going to try anyway.

The other Jonathan showed us Half Price Tuesdays which is an idea he's been working on. I'm helping with the alpha test and it's looking very promising. Kerry-Anne then did a fantastic slideshow karaoke prepared by Jonathan. She gave us some tips on how to survive a GeekDinner talk, but unfortunately needs to implement some of those tips herself :-P

Many thanks to Asoka for hosting us, and to Perderberg for the wine sponsorship. I hope to see more people attend next time.

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It's not about working less

It's not about working less and it's not about "cheating", but yeah, I use the word "cheat", it's about challenging the accepted structures of work and life.

I agree with working smart,

I agree with working smart, and setting up ventures which generate income that isn't proportional to the time you put in. I didn't agree with the "bending the rules" and "fool yourself" parts. It was however thought provoking, and had some interesting ideas to consider.