New Knab modules

I've recently been doing a lot of hacking on Knab, which is the software behind the #clug IRC bot, Spinach. I've contributed a number of new modules, most of which are running on Spinach and are available from the main Bazaar repository.


This module is basically a calendar feature which can store and retrieve events such as birthdays. It also handles recurring events (both with rules1 or multiple dates).

<cocooncrash> Something happens on 21 December 2008 at 15:00
<Knab> yessir
<cocooncrash> When is something?
<Knab> something is on Sunday the 21st of December 2008 at 15:00:00
<cocooncrash> Forget event something
<Knab> I've forgotten something

<cocooncrash> My birthday happens on 22 March every year
<Knab> sure
<cocooncrash> How long until cocooncrash's birthday?
<Knab> your birthday is 13 weeks and 1 day away
<cocooncrash> How many days until my birthday?
<Knab> your birthday is 92 days away

<cocooncrash> When is Easter in 2010?
<Knab> Sun 4 Apr
<cocooncrash> What's happening on Tuesday
<Knab> National Chocolate Covered Anything Day and Day of Reconciliation
<cocooncrash> Search events for Outsider 
<Knab> Found: Be Friendly To Outsider Day, Be Hard On Outsider Day, Outsider's birthday, Outsider's dad's birthday,  (showing 4 of 4 results)


This module retrieves messages posted on Twitter and

<cocooncrash> Last twitter update by iolproofreader
<Knab> "The ANC in the Eastern Cape is making it clear: it's either you're with us or not."
<cocooncrash> twitter 1067135354
<Knab> iolproofreader: ""Friend chases after golfer shot""
<Knab> iolproofreader: "Police are planning on more patrols and more scrutiny for travellers crossing the border of Swaziland and Mozambique."


This modules discovers the URL which a shortened URL redirects to.



This module creates a short URL using

<cocooncrash> shorten


This module retrieves an HTTP URL and returns the result of the request.

<cocooncrash> get
<Knab> 200 OK "Google"
<cocooncrash> Is up?
<Knab> Yes, it's up
<cocooncrash> Is Twitter down?
<Knab> No, it's just you


This module gets definitions using Google.

<cocooncrash> gdefine spinach
<Knab> "dark green leaves; eaten cooked or raw in salads  ", "The Spinach (Eulithis mellinata) is a moth of the family Geometridae.


This module retrieves commit messages from a Subversion repository.

<cocooncrash> last commit
<Knab> r721 by trb143 7 hours ago: "Update UI a bit to display columns"
<cocooncrash> commit 700 full
<Knab> r700 by mgorven on 2008/12/15 at 21:14:26 UTC: "Set non-existing config entries if requested with a default value, and create ~/.openlp when saving config file. " M /openlp-2/trunk/openlp/core/utils/, M /openlp-2/trunk/openlp/core/utils/


This module summons people by sending them a message via Jabber.

<cocooncrash> cocooncrash.summon.jabber is
<Knab> gotcha
<cocooncrash> summon cocooncrash
<Knab> I've summoned cocooncrash via Jabber


This module retrieves RSS and Atom feeds.

<cocooncrash> Add feed,,2,00.xml as News24
<Knab> okay
<cocooncrash> latest articles from news24
<Knab> 0: "SA's first San party launches", 1: "Pakistan mall collapse: 3 dead", 2: "Iran warship to fight pirates", 3: "Westwood storms into lead", 4: "US Embassy given the boot", 5: "Jennifer Aniston's chilli Xmas"
<cocooncrash> article 0 from News24
<Knab> "SA's first San party launches",,2-7-12_2444493,00.... : The first San political party has been launched at Upington in the Northern Cape. 
<cocooncrash> article /Palin/ from news24
<Knab> "Drama in Palin household",,2-10-1462_2444295,00.html : The mother of  an 18-year-old man who plans to marry Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's  pregnant daughter, Bristol, has been arrested on drug charges.
<cocooncrash> list feeds
<Knab> m&g, clug park, haiybo, TechCrunch, onion, News24
<cocooncrash> remove news24 feed
<Knab> okay

  1. This feature is provided by the Date::Manip library. 

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